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  Jiujiang huakai laser technology co., LTD. Is a company specializing in the production of optical instrument and laser equipment and spare parts The high-tech enterprises,The company is located in jiangxi jiujiang auto industrial park in China,Adjacent to the lushan scenic area,Company products are mainly involved optical instrument and laser instrument and its research and development and processing parts,The development and production of optical lenses and optical coating products,For customers to provide quality in the world Products and services。


  Jiujiang HKV mainly specializing in the production of laser:Narrowband filter、The window、Filter、Infrared by the filter、Color filter、Neutral density filter、Long(Short)Wave filter 、Band pass filter、Negative filter、Reflector、0e54618c0e54618cSpectroscope、Infrared filter components optical lens and etc。



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Optical processing

Optical processing Classification: [The main products]

Optical coating

Optical coating Classification: [The main products]


IR-CUTFilter Classification: [The main products]

IRThe curve

IRThe curve Classification: [The main products]


Band Classification: [The main products]


IR800 Classification: [The main products]

Night vision850

Night vision850 Classification: [The main products]

Night vision940

Night vision940 Classification: [The main products]


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[Industry information]Optical coating principle analysis


In preparation process flat mirror tend to have a program that optical coating,Lens generally fall into two kinds,The lens of inorganic material and organic material,While in use in our daily life,Any do not pay attention to details will cause the lens wear,The mirror to have scratches on the surface,Scratches can be roughly divided into two kinds,A light and small,Another is deep and rough,Whatever it is,Long term will have a big impact for your eyesight。In recent years,Optical coating technology development is more and more quickly,Here are several generations of optical coating principle analysis:

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[Company news]Jiujiang huakai laser technology co., LTD. The official public online


Jiujiang huakai laser technology co., LTD. The official WeChat public online,Welcome the attention

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[Company news]Congratulations to our company1600M2 dust-free workshop completed and put into operation


Congratulations to our company1600M2 dust-free workshop production smoothly,Cover the optical cold working and optical coating two fields。

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[Company news]Congratulations to production2The coating machine installation is complete


Warm congratulations on the production2The coating machine installation is complete,It can produce multilayer dielectric and metal film,Inclusion ultraviolet production range,More visible and infrared bands。

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